How Long Is DEA License?

How long is a DEA license good for?

three yearsWhen and how do I renew my DEA registration.

DEA registrations are renewed every three years.

Unlike state medical licenses, your DEA registration renewal date is directly correlated to the date your registration was first issued..

How do I find my DEA expiration date?

If you want to check your registration expiration date, please contact the DEA Registration Service Center at 1-800-882-9539 or email and include your DEA registration number in your email.

Who can get a DEA license?

Obtaining DEA registration. Every physician who administers, prescribes, or dispenses any controlled substance must be registered with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). As a resident working within your program, you are covered under the registration of your training hospital or institution.

How many DEA numbers can a physician have?

When you apply for a federal DEA number, the resulting number that you receive from the DEA office is site-specific. If you are going to be prescribing or dispensing controlled substances at sites in different states or cities, you would need to have 2 separate DEA numbers.

How do I verify a DEA license?

The U.S. Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, Diversion Control Division maintains registrant data and is considered the primary source of information on DEA registrants. The website is the official location for real time online verification.

How do I verify a doctor’s DEA number?

DEA Number: VerificationAdd together the first, third, and fifth digits.Add together the second, fourth, and sixth digits. Multiply the sum by 2.Add together the totals from Step 1 and Step 2.Verify that the last digit of the result of Step 3 matches the check digit of the DEA number.

How much does it cost to renew DEA license?

The current three-year registration fee is $551.

How do I update my DEA license?

For these matters call 1-800-882-9539; for change of address, use the Address Changes Form.

Do I need a new DEA license for each state?

Practitioners will need to obtain a separate DEA registration in each state where they plan to administer, dispense, or prescribe controlled substances. … DEA will investigate each modification of registration as if it was a new application.

What happens if my DEA number expires?

DEA allows the reinstatement of an expired registration for one calendar month after the expiration date. If the registration is not renewed within that calendar month, an application for a new DEA registration will be required.