Question: What Is A Good Sentence For Then?

What is a good sentence for ancient?

Ancient sentence examples.

It looked ancient, and he opened it carefully.

The ancient world was a cruel place.

It is said that in ancient China, doctors were paid when their patients were well..

What is a sentence for then?

Sentence Examples Then he picked up another box. Then he turned to do it all in reverse. Then she ran straight into the fence – like she didn’t see it. She said something and then rode ahead.

Where do we use through?

Through can be used as a preposition, an adverb, and an adjective. It has several meanings, including “from one side to the other,” “from beginning to end,” and “during an entire period”: He rode his bicycle through the door and onto the street. You have to read the book through if you want to be prepared for class.

What word rhymes with life?

What rhymes with life?1 syllable. Strife. Knife. Wife. Strive. Drive. I’ve. Live. Dive. … 2 syllables. M5. C5. Survive. Alive. Arrive. Housewife. Wildlife. Nightlife. … 3 syllables. Afterlife. Herbalife. Overdrive. Paradise. Recognize. Otherwise. Sacrifice. … 4 syllables. Apologize. Capitalize. Prioritize. Monopolize. Categorize.5 syllables. Materialize.

What is the synonyms for ancient?

Some common synonyms of ancient are antiquated, antique, archaic, obsolete, old, and venerable.

What is the meaning of ancients?

1 : a person who lived in ancient times: a ancients plural : the civilized people of antiquity especially : those of the classical nations (see classical sense 2a) b : one of the classical authors Plutarch and other ancients. 2 : an aged living being a penniless ancient.

What is a good sentence for through?

Sentence Examples He ran a hand through his hair. She ran a comb through her hair, deciding not to re-braid the top part. Soldiers were marching through the fields. As she passed his office, she glanced through the open door.

What word rhymes with through?

WordRhyme ratingCategoriesthrew100Verbcrew100Nounpursue100Verbflew100Verb94 more rows

What rhymes with happy?

Near rhymes with HappyWord1unhappyDefinition2sappyDefinition3scrappyDefinition4snappyDefinition95 more rows

What word rhymes with start?

WordRhyme ratingCategoriesdart100Noun, Verbrestart100Verbtart100Noun, Adjectivecarte100Noun96 more rows

How do you use apparent in a sentence?

Sentence Examples It was apparent by the look on Jackson’s face. In this way, she learns countless new expressions without any apparent effort. Feeling a little hurt by his apparent disinterest, she picked up her plate and started cleaning up the camp.