Question: Which Autowiring Is Better In Spring?

What is use of @component in Spring?

@Component is the most generic Spring annotation.

A Java class decorated with @Component is found during classpath scanning and registered in the context as a Spring bean.

Methods decorated with @Bean produce a bean to be managed by the Spring container during configuration stage..

The reasons why field injection is frowned upon are as follows: You cannot create immutable objects, as you can with constructor injection. Your classes have tight coupling with your DI container and cannot be used outside of it. Your classes cannot be instantiated (for example in unit tests) without reflection.

How does Autowired work in spring?

Autowiring happens by placing an instance of one bean into the desired field in an instance of another bean. Both classes should be beans, i.e. they should be defined to live in the application context. What is “living” in the application context? This means that the context instantiates the objects, not you.

What is required annotation in spring?

Advertisements. The @Required annotation applies to bean property setter methods and it indicates that the affected bean property must be populated in XML configuration file at configuration time. Otherwise, the container throws a BeanInitializationException exception.

What is spring Autowiring example?

Autowiring feature of spring framework enables you to inject the object dependency implicitly. It internally uses setter or constructor injection. Autowiring can’t be used to inject primitive and string values. It works with reference only.

How many types of Autowiring are there in spring?

The XML configuration based autowiring functionality has five modes – no , byName , byType , constructor , and autodetect .

Which Di is better in spring?

Setter injection in Spring uses setter methods like setDependency() to inject dependency on any bean managed by Spring’s IOC container. … 2) Because of using the setter method, setter Injection in more readable than constructor injection in Spring configuration file usually applicationContext. xml .

What is Spring default Autowiring?

Spring @Autowired Annotation – Bean Configuration File beans element default-autowire is used to define the default autowiring method. Here I am defining the default autowiring method to be byName. beans element default-autowire-candidates is used to provide the pattern for bean names that can be used for autowiring.

What is scope of bean in spring?

Scopes a single bean definition to a single object instance per Spring IoC container. … Scopes a single bean definition to the lifecycle of a single HTTP request; that is each and every HTTP request will have its own instance of a bean created off the back of a single bean definition.