Quick Answer: Is Blue Story Banned From All Cinemas?

Did Vue ban blue story?

Vue banned Blue Story after saying there had been 25 serious incidents in 16 of its cinemas.

But its chief executive, Tim Richards, said it was now looking at “beefing up security” to restart screenings.

It comes after Blue Story’s director, Rapman, questioned whether there were “hidden reasons” for the ban..

What was the budget for blue story?

1.3 million GBPBlue Story/Budget

What blue story means?

Noun. 1. blue story – an indelicate joke. blue joke, dirty joke, dirty story.

Is Blue story out?

The film was released on 22 November 2019.

Why did Vue stop showing blue story?

Gang drama Blue Story has been banned from all Vue cinemas after a mass brawl broke out at a Birmingham cinema involving youths armed with machetes. Families were visiting Star City to watch Frozen 2 when the disorder broke out late on Saturday afternoon, sparking a mass evacuation of the complex.

Is Blue Story violent?

“Blue Story is a film about love, not violence. “I hope blame is placed with the individuals and not an indictment of the film itself.”

Is Blue story coming back to Vue?

Blue Story will return to screens following a backlash about it being pulled, the chief of Vue cinemas has announced, as he insisted race was never part of the equation.

Why are people fighting over blue story?

The decision to pull Blue Story comes after a disturbance that broke out at the Star City cinema in Birmingham on Saturday evening. Dozens of teenagers, some armed with machetes, clashed at the cinema while people were queuing for a screening of Frozen II, with many of those present families with young children.

How long is blue story out for?

1h 31mBlue Story/Running time

How true is blue story?

While Blue Story is full of gritty realism, it’s not actually a true story, and the film is actually an adaptation of Onwubolu’s 2014 YouTube series of the same name. At the beginning of each episode Rapman writes: “Young people are fighting and dying for areas they have no ownership over.

Is Blue Story banned from Odeon?

Vue has banned the film from its 91 UK and Ireland venues and Showcase has also dropped the movie. … The Odeon chain says it is not withdrawing the film, but “a number of security measures are in place” for Blue Story screenings, though it refused to elaborate on what they are.

Is Blue Story banned in Cineworld?

A CINEMA chain has cancelled further screenings of controversial gang flick Blue Story in the East Midlands – as another showing was marred by violence. Further showings of the film in Nottingham have been cancelled after a stabbing at the city’s Cineworld complex on Sunday, December 1.

What films have been banned in the UK?

8 Of The Most Disturbing Films That Have Been Banned In The UKGrotesque (2009)Cannibal Holocaust (1980)Hate Crime (2015)The Bunny Game (2012)The Human Centipede 2 (2011)Women in Cell-block 9 (1977)Traces of Death (1993)Banned from Television (1998)