Quick Answer: What Is The Plural Of Oasis?

Can I say 2 persons?

The noun person has two plurals: persons and people.

Most people don’t use persons, but the sticklers say there are times when we should.

Bernstein concurs, saying in The Careful Writer that fifty people is acceptable.

To Bernstein, two people is nearly unthinkable but 4,381 persons is “quite proper.”.

Do fish live in Oasis?

Yes, In California, Desert Pupfish live in desert oasis areas. … Are there any fish left in the Salton Sea in California besides tilapia such as the orangemouth corvina, gulf croaker, sargo or sailfin mollies?

What is the irregular plural of Oasis?

IRREGULAR PLURALS LISTSINGULARPLURALdiagnosisdiagnosesellipsisellipseshypothesishypothesesoasisoases9 more rows

What is the difference between Oasis and oases?

The plural of oasis is oases, which you should use if you have more than one: … But if that doesn’t sound right to you, make it singular: There is more than one type of oasis in the world.

What is the plural of phenomena?

As with other plurals of Latin or Greek origin, like media and criteria, there is a tendency to use the plural phenomena as a singular ( This phenomena will not be seen again ), but such use occurs infrequently in edited writing. The plural form phenomenas, though occasionally seen, has even less currency.

What is the plural of die?

The plural form is dice. … According to this source, dice was once the plural of die, “but in modern standard English dice is both the singular and the plural: ‘throw the dice’ could mean a reference to either one or more than one dice.”

What is the plural of person?

As a general rule, you’re absolutely right – person is used to refer to an individual, and the plural form is people.

What is the plural of mouthful?

mouthful (plural mouthfuls or mouthsful) The amount that will fit in a mouth.

What is the plural of deer?

The standard (irregular) plural is deer. Occasionally used in the sense of more than one species, especially when appearing in combination (such as red deer / red deers).

What is the plural of fish?

The most common plural form of fish is indeed fish. However, under certain circumstances, you can use fishes as the plural form of fish. … Fish can refer to multiple fish, especially when they are all the same species of fish. Fishes, however, usually refers to multiple species of fish, especially in scientific contexts.

What is the plural of baby?

1) If the noun is singular, then we add an apostrophe before the s. E.G – The girl’s bag (the bag belonging to the girl). 2) If the noun is plural, then we add an apostrophe after the s. … It is added after the s when referring to the plural, babies (e.g. the babies’ changing room).

What is the plural of elk?

noun, plural elks, (especially collectively) elk for 1, 2. Also called American elk, wapiti. a large North American deer, Cervus canadensis, the male of which has large, spreading antlers.

What is the plural for half?

ExamplesSingularPluralleafleavesmousemicegoosegeesehalfhalves26 more rows

Which is the largest oasis in the world?

GalleryAl-Ahsa Oasis, also known as Al-Hasa Oasis, in Saudi Arabia is the largest oasis in the world.Al Ain Oasis in the city of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates.Taghit in Algeria, North Africa.Ein Gedi in Israel, Middle East.Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge in Utah, United States.More items…

What is an example of a Oasis?

An example of an oasis is an underground spring in a desert. An example of an oasis is a calm and peaceful room in the midst of a chaotic house. A small area in a desert that has a supply of water and is able to support vegetation. … A spring of fresh water, surrounded by a fertile region of vegetation, in a desert.

What is the plural for radius?

Plural radii (rā′dē-ī′) radiuses.

What is the plural of syllabus?

syl·​la·​bus | \ ˈsi-lə-bəs \ plural syllabi\ ˈsi-​lə-​ˌbī , -​ˌbē \ or syllabuses.

What is the plural of medium?

The singular media and its plural medias seem to have originated in the field of advertising over 70 years ago; they are still so used without stigma in that specialized field. In most other applications media is used as a plural of medium.