What Does Μ Mean?

What does MU mean in Philippines?

mutual understandingMU or mutual understanding- is a relationship status between a couple , who are not ready to acknowledge or have not clearly defined the status of their relationship..

How do you pronounce æ?

The pair ‘ae’ or the single mushed together symbol ‘æ’, is not pronounced as two separate vowels. It comes (almost always) from a borrowing from Latin. In the original Latin it is pronounced as /ai/ (in IPA) or to rhyme with the word ‘eye’.

What is the meaning of mu in relationship?

Mutual UnderstandingPeople call it “MU” but what does it really mean? Mutual Understanding, if we can define it, is a relationship where two people have an ‘endearment’ but do not have a ‘commitment. ‘ You can say ‘I love you’ but you can’t demand nor get jealous when other goes out to date with someone.

What does MU mean in a text message?

Miss You inWhat does MU mean? It means Miss You in online jargon. It’s an abbreviation used in texting, online chat, instant messaging, email, blogs, newsgroups and social media postings. Also known as text message shorthand, chat acronyms, cyberslang and leetspeak, NetLingo.com is here to track all the online lingo.

What does MU mean in math?

sample statistic population parameterView or Print: These pages change automatically for your screen or printer.sample statisticpopulation parameterdescriptionx̅ “x-bar”μ “mu” or μxmeanM or Med or x̃ “x-tilde”(none)medians (TIs say Sx)σ “sigma” or σxstandard deviation For variance, apply a squared symbol (s² or σ²).rρ “rho”coefficient of linear correlation3 more rows•Feb 14, 2018

How is μ pronounced?

The correct spelling is ‘M’. The classical pronunciation is ‘mu’, the modern one is ‘mi’.

What MU means?

noun. 1The twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet (Μ, μ), transliterated as ‘m’. ‘In Braille, the same 1-3-4 dot combination designates the letter “mu” in Greek and “mim” in Arabic (both of which have an “m” sound). ‘ More example sentences.

What does IMU mean?

I Miss YouIMUAcronymDefinitionIMUI Miss YouIMUInertial Measurement UnitIMUImposta Municipale Unica (Italian: Single Municipal Tax)IMUInternational Medical University (Malaysia)40 more rows

What does MU mean in love?

mutual understanding“M.U is a feeling of being in love without having the label of being official” This definition was given to me by my friend Hazel when we shared our thoughts about M.U or what the people called as ‘mutual understanding’

What is the use of mu?

It stands for Mark up and is used by merchants to mark the price of the commodity. Suppose a shopkeeper wants to sell the product at 100 after 20% discount. Then he can use mark up button. He will input 100 MU 20 % and the answer he gets is the price he will have to write on the product.

What does FUBU mean in Philippines?

fubu (plural fubus) (slang) An acquainted person who offers sexual intercourse without romantic commitment.