What Does Mooch Off Mean?

Is mooch a Scrabble word?

MOOCH is a valid scrabble word..

What does injection mean?

English Language Learners Definition of injection : the act or process of forcing a liquid medicine or drug into someone or something by using a special needle. : the act or process of forcing a liquid into something. : the addition of something (such as money) that is needed to support something.

What does Mooch mean?

to borrow (a small item or amount) without intending to return or repay it. to get or take without paying or at another’s expense; sponge: He always mooches cigarettes. to beg.

What is a moocher person?

: one who exploits the generosity of others : a person who mooches off others Whether it’s stiffing drinking buddies with the check, bumming rides, “borrowing” cigarettes or sponging off meals, moochers can push the limits of friendship by making a habit of manipulating others to avoid paying their fair share.—

Is mooch a real word?

A person in the habit of doing this is also called a mooch. The word’s original definition, “pretend poverty,” might stem from the Middle English word mucchen, “to be stingy,” or literally, “to keep coins in one’s nightcap.”

What does it mean to sponge off someone?

(sponge off someone) to ask for money and other things from someone such as a friend or relative and make no effort to give them anything or to pay for anything yourself.

What does get off my back mean?

informal. used to tell someone to stop criticizing you: Why don’t you get off my back! I’m doing my best.

Where does the word mooch come from?

Mooch, in its original sense of “to be stingy,” literally meant “to hide coins in one’s nightcap.” This approach traces the Middle English mowche/mucche to the Middle Dutch muste, “nightcap,” in turn from the Medieval Latin almucia, “nightcap,” of unknown origin.

What is another word for mooch?

Mooch Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for mooch?freeloadspongebegborrowbumbumoffcadge

What does mooching around mean?

Definition of mooch around/about British, informal. : to walk around with no particular purpose I’ve just been mooching about all afternoon.

What does freeloader mean?

without offering anything in exchangea person who has the advantage of something given, such as money, food, or a place to stay, without offering anything in exchange. (Definition of freeloader from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What does Mooch mean in England?

MOVE SLOWLYmooch verb (MOVE SLOWLY) to walk or do things slowly and without much purpose: disapproving Stop mooching (about/around) in your room and do something useful!