What Is Another Word For Late?

What is opposite of late?

What is the opposite of late?earlypunctualprecociouson timeahead of timein advanceaheadreadyadvancedforward8 more rows.

What is another word for always being on time?

We call those types punctual. They’ll check their watch when you arrive three minutes late. The word punctual originates from the Latin word punctualis, which means “a point.” To be punctual, you have to arrive at the right point in time.

What’s another word for being late?

What is another word for late?belatedoverduelaterlatishpostponedremissheld upbehind schedulebehind timehung up23 more rows

What do you call a person who is late?

A person who is late; behind time is called tardy. The term suggests habitual lateness. … When you’re late for something, you’re tardy, so tardiness refers to the habit of being late. Tardiness comes from the Latin word tardus, “slow, sluggish, dull, or stupid.”

What is another word for without delay?

What is another word for without delay?quicklyimmediatelytout de suiteunhesitatinglywith no delayinstantersoon enoughstraightstraightawaystraightway142 more rows

What is a synonym for last minute?

Synonyms of ‘last-minute’ A few late arrivals were still straggling in. final. the final book in the series. frantic. last-ditch.