Where Was Grease Filmed?

How old was John Travolta Grease?

23When filming began in June 1977, John Travolta was 23, Olivia Newton-John was 28, Stockard Channing was 33, Jeff Conaway was 26, Barry Pearl was 27, Michael Tucci was 31, Kelly Ward was 20, Didi Conn was 25; Jamie Donnelly was 30, and Annette Charles was 29..

Was Rizzo pregnant in Grease?

Grease didn’t shy away from topics such as sex, drugs, or even teen pregnancy. In this new hybrid version of the musical, Rizzo’s pregnancy in Grease: Live! … In both the 1971 stage production and 1978 movie, Rizzo had a pregnancy scare after having sex with Kenickie.

Did Stockard Channing really sing in Grease?

Stockard Channing sings lead on two of the tracks; the two tracks remain her only significant contribution to recorded popular music to date. The title track was recorded by Frankie Valli, who had no other connection with the film. … The most successful songs from the soundtrack were written specifically for the film.

Where is Thunder Road in Grease?

6th Street ViaductThunder Road in Grease (6th Street Viaduct in Los Angeles)

What type of school did Frenchy dropout of in Grease?

beauty schoolPersonality. Frenchy is fun-loving, bubbly, and flighty, kind of an airhead, but a very friendly member of the Pink Ladies. She dropped out of high school to enter beauty school but later regrets this as she finds beauty school not what she thought it would be.

What was the diner called in Grease?

The Frosty PalaceThe Frosty Palace in Grease Rydell High students’ favourite out-of-school hangout might not have technically been a diner but we all still call it one.

Why did Sonny take Sandy away in Grease?

Answer: It was because they were going to moon the cameras, they didn’t want to embarrass Sandy since she would’ve been offended if it happened when she and Danny were dancing. Answer: When he’s pulling Sandy away he is also yelling to Danny “Go! Go!

Are any of the Grease cast dead?

Tragically, three of Grease’s much-loved cast-members are no longer with us. After falling ill with pneumonia, Jeff Conaway – Danny’s best pal Kenickie in the movie – sadly passed away in 2011. The same year, Annette Charles, who played Cha Cha, lost her battle with cancer. In 1993, Dennis C.

Is Grease about a girl in a coma?

John Travolta is a big fan of that Grease Internet theory that went viral — that co-star Olivia Newton-John’s Sandy is actually dead in the film. Morbid, yes. … It speculated that Sandy drowned while frolicking with Danny on the beach at the start of the movie — and the entire story is her coma fantasy.

Who from Grease has died?

Jeffrey Charles William Michael ConawayJeffrey Charles William Michael Conaway (October 5, 1950 – May 27, 2011) was an American actor and singer known for playing Kenickie in the movie Grease and for his roles in two American television series, Taxi and Babylon 5.

Where was the beach scene in Grease filmed?

Leo Carrillo BeachThe film’s opening was shot at Leo Carrillo Beach in Malibu, arguably the most filmed beach in movies and television.

What school did they use for grease?

Venice High SchoolThough Venice High School largely stood in for Rydell High in the classic 1978 musical, John Marshall’s athletic field provided the setting for the school carnival where John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John fly off in a hot rod.

How old was the cast of Grease 2 when they filmed?

Held Back a Few Years? None of the actors were anywhere near high school age, John Travolta was 23, Olivia Newton-John was 29, Jeff Conaway was 26 and Dennis Stewart aka ‘Crater face’ was 30.

Where was grease Carnival filmed?

The race was filmed at the Los Angeles River, between the First and Seventh Street Bridges, where many other films have been shot. The final scene where the carnival took place used John Marshall High School. Furthermore, owing to budget cuts, a short scene was filmed at Hazard Park in Los Angeles.

What school was Rydell High?

Radnor High SchoolThe flick is based on an earlier musical, and features classic tracks like “You’re the One That I Want” and “Summer Nights.” Grease takes place in and around Rydell High, which was based in part on Radnor High School in Delaware County, as director Randal Kleiser told the Inquirer in 1998.

Why is there a flying car at the end of Grease?

Why The Car Flies In Grease’s Ending The most bewildering part of Grease is when Sandy and Danny climb into a car that takes off and flies into the sunset. … In that case, flying a car into the sunset as a representation of Danny and Sandy’s happy ending makes perfect sense for the movie.

Where are the grease cars now?

One of the rides used during the filming of the “Greased Lightning” scene recently became available, and Illinois’ Volo Auto Museum has purchased the car for its collection. According to TMZ, the car was in the process of being restored at a shop in California when its owner died.

Who raced Danny in Grease?

He was too dizzy – minor head trauma – to race, and let Danny Zuko take over. So Danny raced Leo, and easily won, though Greased Lightning got pretty sliced up thanks to Leo’s Hell’s Chariot.

What happened to Sandy from Grease?

Olivia Newton-John (Sandy) In May 2017, it was announced that her breast cancer had returned and metastasized to her lower back. In March 2018, she gave an update on her condition, saying she felt “really good”.

Will there be a Grease 3?

Paramount Pictures has announced that it is planning “Grease 3,” a sequel to the sequel of the original 1978 monster hit starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, says the Hollywood Reporter. …

Is Rydell High a real school?

Rydell High is actually three different real Los Angeles high schools. The facade is Venice High School, the interior is Huntington Park High School, and the field is John Marshall High School.